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Written by Teije Uilkema at 29/07/2020 - updated at 09/04/2021
InteractiveChat documentation (Auqkwa Tech, LLC)



- interactivechat.commands.dinv (open the inventory of a player by clicking on the chat message)

- interactivechat.commands.dender (open the ender chest of a player by clicking on the chat message)



- interactivechat.ping. (use actions of a specific ping, such as titles and sounds)



- interactivechat.keyword.<inv/inventory> (send a clickable message opening your inventory in the chat)

- interactivechat.keyword.<ender/enderchest> (send a clickable message opening your ender chest in the chat)

- interactivechat.keyword.item (send a hoverable message showing item data)



The name of the config item is equal to the usage, but is only to organize everything and thus not modifiable.

Expiry is the amount of time before the cached object of each respective keyword will be removed. Due to limited memory, this value should not be higher than 180.

Replacement, title and hover are all customizable (includes PlaceholderAPI)


Inventory defaults:

Expiry: 60

Replacement: "&f[&6%player_name%'s Inventory&f]"

Title: "%player_name%'s inventory"

Hover: ["&6Click to view &e%player_name%'s &6inventory."]


Enderchest defaults:

Expiry: 60

Replacement: "&5[&d%player_name%'s Ender Chest&5]"

Title: "%player_name%'s ender chest"

Hover: ["&6Click to view &e%player_name%'s &6ender chest."]


Item defaults:

Replacement: "&2[&a%item_type% &2x &a%item_amount%&2]"

Hover: ["", "&b&lItem: &3%item_type%", "&b&lAmount: &3%item_amount%", "&b&lDurability: &3%item_durability%", "", "&b&lEnchantments:", "&3%item_enchantment%", ""]



The ping format is the replacement message for @playername, which has a PlaceholderAPI integration. 

You could create as much different pings as you want, as long as all given priorities are different. The higher the priority the higher the weight.



- CONSOLECOMMAND: execute a command on behalf of the console, replaces {player} with the name of the sender. ("CONSOLECOMMAND|command without slash")

- SOUND: play a sound. ("SOUND|exact sound name from this list")

- TITLE: show a title. ("TITLE|title|subtitle|optional:fadein|optional:stay|optional:fadeout")



Item keyword:

%item_type% - a readable item type (ender_chest -> Ender Chest, diamond_sword -> Diamond Sword)

%item_amount% - the amount of items in the inventory slot (self explanatory)

%item_durability% - the durability of the item: if it's not an instance of Damagable (anything that breaks), the entire line will be skipped.

%item_enchantments% - prints the enchantment with it's level ("- %item_enchantments%" will loop through all enchantments and will print it like the line specifies)

%item_name% - the display name of the item.

%item_lore% - prints all lore Strings of the item (should be on a seperate line, and will print "None" if there is no lore)